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Complex logistics (3PL)

One of the main activities of UAB “Nerginta“ is 3PL or Third Party Logistics, widely called as Complex logistics services concerning individual needs of the customer. Complex logistics services refer to use of external logistics services in order to carry out the whole set of raw materials supply, production distribution and delivery functions.

3PL services provided by UAB “Nerginta” comprise cargo acceptance, storage and distribution, transportation, billing, management of information related to cargo movement etc.

The greatest advantage of 3PL services is ability to concentrate on the main activities of the company and its development while experts of this field deal with the whole set of logistics functions. 3PL services allow companies to eliminate expenses on creation and management of storage and transportation resources, therefore leading to optimisation of costs. Moreover, it provides optimisation of the size and performance of internal logistics units which allows more financial and human resources in the development of the main activities.

UAB “Nerginta” offers individual concern on each customer provided with 3PL services, i.e. clarification of specific features of customer’s work including assortment of goods, peculiarities of storage, transportation, supply and distribution, which is followed by offers to optimise processes mentioned above and reduce customer costs on logistics.